First and Second Sessions Summary

The first and second sessions of play went like this:

The party wakes up. Its pitchblack and cold wherever they are. Some stumble around and discover they are in round stone room of some sort. The wizard casts Light on his mustasche and illuminates the room. Behold, they are in a round stone pit in the ground, covered with a metal grating. With them they find one other is imprisoned with them, an old man shaking and spouting nonsense to himself crouched against the wall. No one is shackled and all their gear save mundane clothing has been taken.

Then they remember what happened; all had been travelling seperately to the capitol city of Stoneguard for some reason or another. And all had been ambushed and captured by the Kobalds. Bloodthirsty kobalds with the stink of blood all over them.

Introductions are made and they all agree they must work together to get out.

They try to get information out of the old man, but he continues to pay little attention. Occasionally he mutters something about the kobalds trying to summon Tiamat, laughing amidst his incoherancy. “They came… found it unfinished. If only they knew – HAHAhaha – its not their beloved dragon god they call to this plane…”

A girl’s scream echos through the dungeon and into the pit, the party knows they mustn’t waste time. They get straight to figuring out how to get out. The kobalds didn’t suspect they had captured intelligent prey that doesn’t need to be bolted down to still be deadly.

A kobald rattles the bars above them shouting Draconic at the party for making so much racket, and walks off. The elf Lucan’s sensitive ears hear a jingling coming from the kobald as it walks away – Keys! Now they’ve got a plan. Furiously, the party shouts and makes a racket until the kobald stupidly comes to shut them up once more.

The dragonborn is waiting for it, digging his claws into the stone wall 10 feet off the ground, he suprises the Kobald and grabs its spear from him. The halfling, Mel, pulls out the daggers the kobalds failed to find on her. [but they did find her lockpicks, oops] and tries to hit the kobald but the grating and angle were too difficult and she fails. The dwarf wizard Bartleby attempts a magic missile and too fails to hit the stunningly lucky kobald. Even the elf improvises and tosses his shoe at the kobald. Miss. It’s initiative comes up and it makes haste out of sight. Not good for the adventurers.

So they resort to doing it the old fashioned way and break out by attacking the hinges of the gate with the spear and some magic missiles. They are free. They once again hear the screams from a distance and get out of the pit. They are in a room not much bigger around than the pit they crawl out of. So into the adjacent hallway and into the small unlocked room across from the pitroom. Excellent! Our stuff!

Among the weapons and backpacks, they find something strange. A set of 5 intricately crafted cloth dolls. Each is very detailed. The party surmises these dolls do not look like themselves. The old man approaches and takes the dolls lovingly for himself, talking to them like old friends. The elf who found them shrugs and says “ok…. lets get moving.”

The party soon figures out this isn’t a place of kobald design. Its a temple, and an old one at that. The hallway is strewn with impassable caved-in rooms and corridors, leading them to a big room where they find the kobalds and a couple big rats waiting for them. After a few close calls and one devastating Flaming Sphere courtesy of the wizard, they reduce the pack to one poor Kobald slinger. He freaks and bolts away into a small hole dug into the wall. The party takes a moment to gather themselves. They investigate a small library they passed earlier and find old tomes of a language they are unable to read. They show the books to the old man and he says the “old priests were summoning Dialdra” and mentions that the books contain Primordial script and runes.

“Dialdra is a fallen god… well not really a god of this plane anyway.” They press for more but the old man lapses back into gibberish and wanders off arguing with one of his dolls. “I know its not time yet!”

One of the tieflings approaches a stewpot cooking in the fireplace and finds humanoid bones floating in the soup.

After a moment, they are reminded of the situation as a girl’s scream is heard coming through the large doors on the other side of the big room. But its barred from the other side. Nothing to pick and way out of their league to break open, the party cautiously enters the small hole the kobald scampered into, since it was close by the big double doors, they hope the dug out tunnel will lead them to the girl. Led by the halfling who is unhampered by the small passage, they all enter the small tunnel.

It winds around but eventually leads to what they assume is on the other side of the big double doors.

Just as she was about to exit the tunnel, the halfling Mel successfully perceives the kobald stealthily waiting next to the hole with a spear ready to skewer whatever walks out. The combat has resumed.

The room is large, and as the party makes their way in to join in the combat they find a huge ball-shaped stone boulder covered in glowing runes is floating in the center, in front are 3 platforms caked in blood. Sacrificial pedestals. And just as they peek in the room, a Kobald Wyrmpriest finishes its chanting and cuts the heart out of a male victim on the center platform. But where’s the girl? She’s in a cage on the ground off to the side, presumably the next victim waiting.

Radiant blazes, scorching bursts, swords and spears. The floating rock pulses with light as the poor man dies on the pedestal, his heart somehow still beating outside his body. The wyrmpriest drops the heart next to the dying man and joins the combat, throwing orbs of fire at the party as his dragonshield guards fight with sword and shield.

And that’s it so far. We only get 3 hours per week to play, so all of this is from roughly 4-5 hours of play. Half of session one was spent finishing a couple character sheets. This is basically our first 4th edition game, and I haven’t DM’ed in a long long time so I’m keeping it simple and linear for now.


Mad Props to the mustache, yo!

First and Second Sessions Summary

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