Session 3: Finally done with combat!

I’m mad at myself because I lost a full write-up of this session somehow. I remember typing it all out, but I suppose I must not have actually posted it. And now I’m remembering just how detailed it was. :(



Mel – Halfling Rogue

Chant – Tiefling Paladin

Captain Edge – Tiefling Warlord

Akteia – Tiefling Warlock

Lucan – Elven Ranger

Kade – Dragonborn Fighter

Bartleby Biggins – Dwarf Wizard. Absent this session.

A quick summary then. The battle continues. Mel, the halfling, picks the lock on the girl’s cage and frees her. But the girl heads straight to the dying man, and attempts to shove his heart back in his chest. She’s panicking a lot.

The dragonborn falls unconscious, but the tiefling paladin Chant heals her.

Finally they manage to kill one of the kobald dragonshields and the wyrmpriest. The Dragonborn Kade intimidates the last kobald left alive, trying to interrogate him. But the kobald is useless so Kade skewers him on her spear.

At this point the enemies are dead and the crazy old man walks in, drinks a potion, and is suddenly completely sane. He calls the creature being summoned Dialdra, and explains that the kobalds thought they were summoning Tiamat, their dragon god. But it seems Dialdra was what the long dead priests were actually calling. Whatever happened, the spell was left undone, and the kobalds inadvertantly finished it by sacrificing people to the giant stone orb floating in the great chamber.

The old man produces his 5 intricate dolls from his robes and begins a spell on them. They float into the air and all sorts of magical energy begins to swirl around the area.

That was the end of session 3.

======== DM’s Notes ========

Trying to improvise from just a story outline is very difficult. I didn’t know what the captured kobald should say. Also, I didn’t have a plan for what the girl would do when she was freed from the cage. This is why a good character history is necessary, so you can improvise their actions like any other PC you play, and just let the game play out from there.

How can I anticipate things like Mel attacking the girl she just freed from the cage? Granted the girl was acting kind of funny, apparently doing something to the dying man on the sacrificial pedestal, but still… I thought I made it clear she was trying to help him.

These monsters were a bit too strong for the PC’s. I don’t like how long it took to kill them, nor do I like my players’ characters to miss more often than not. It makes players feel bored and useless, especially when other people are rolling really well unusually often and are killing the monsters one after another.

So next encounter will be equal level to the PC’s.



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