Session 4: Game Day before Christmas

The session starts with the old man casting a spell upon his intricate collection of dolls. In the chamber the giant stone orb pulses with energy, something evil lurking within. The characters stand and watch, always probing for answers.

The dolls transform into people. All naked.

The people share a couple words with the old man. He tells them that something is not as he thought. It is not Dialdra that is being summoned. He doesn’t know what is taking its place.

The people begin their own spells, pulling various forms of energy from the surroundings onto their own bodies.

A gorgeous tiefling woman pulls the fire from all the torches and a firey white armor bursts into existance on her body.

The quiet young eladrin girl pale as snow calls to her the bones scattered about the chamber. The air around her grows cold and a purple black energy surrounds her as the bones form armor upon her body.

A burly muscled human man summons bolts of lightning from the roof and his body transforms into metal crackling with bright blue arcs of electricity.

A small halfling dude seems to pull a green mist out of the walls while channelling lightning into himself as well. He becomes pure blue energy surrounded by the green mist.

Finally, a seven foot tall 400+ lb human man laughs with a deep voice as he stomps the ground, causing the chamber to tremble, rocks and dirt fly at him and are absorbed into the man until he appears to be made of nothing by stone and earth. Sparkling gems are visibly peppered in his skin and his eyes are like polished emeralds.

Each approaches one of the player characters and asks to “burrow” their weapon. Most ablige and reluctantly relinquish their possessions. Mel and Akteia’s daggers, Chant’s sword, Kade’s spear, Lucan’s bow, and even Captain Edge offers up his homegrown organic armblades, which the large stoney man breaks off.

In the hands of these people, the items transform into energy-empowered tools of destruction. The old man approaches Bartleby and takes his cane (which Bartleby uses as a makeshift staff). It transforms into a magnificent ornate staff.

Some of the PC’s are approached by these powerful beings. The firey Shiana introduces herself to Captain Edge, quickly kisses him on the neck, says “Look for me later…” and walks back to her friends. The quiet young necromancer girl walks up and hugs Akteia. She cries a little as she does so. And finally, the old man shakes hands with Bartleby, thanking him and mentioning “I’m afraid this will be the last we see of eachother.”

The chamber begins to crumble as the stone cracks apart like an egg. A vile black monster stirs within. Red eyes dot its skin and peer at the people below it. The old man shouts “Now my friends, you must go, this foe is beyond your capabilities. I believe your halfling friend knows the way out.”

The girl harkens for the adventurers to not leave behind the body of the poor man who died on the pedestal. Chant reluctantly grabs the body and hoists it over his shoulders.

With that Mel leads the party back around, to the kobald holes she found during the fight. As the party leaves the stone egg hatches and a giant black creature erupts into the air. Shaped like a dragon but covered in black oily skin and dotted with red glowing eyes. In place of wings are long black tentacles. The energy infused NPC’s immediately begin combat with it. The last thing the PC’s hear is the old man shouting something about “Something has absorbed Dialdra and took its place in the summoning egg, only that can explain this monstrocitiy!”

A man calls to the group from the other end of the kobald-made passage he asks if someone named Pemy is with him, at which the girl screams to him with joy in her voice – “Cassiano, I’m here!”

The group exits into a storm outside, it appears to be daytime, despite the rain. They find a human man in leather armor in his 30’s outside waiting for them. They briefly explain what’s happened and make haste to the city and out of the rain.

They find their way to the road, where Bartleby’s servant Jobert paces back and forth calling out for his master. After a quick scolding for running off at the first sign of trouble, Jobert attempts to appease his master by disrobing so he can shelter his master from the rain.

The man says he is Pemy’s brother and holds her shoulder as they make their way to the gates of the city. At the gate the man has an unusually brief word with the guards and the huge portcullis is raised to allow the group entry.

The man thanks the party for rescuing Pemy, points the way to a tavern and inn for them to stay at if they need, and also a temple for Chant to take the body to. He hands them a bag of goldpieces as a token of appreciation and departs with Pemy by his side.

The party goes the Tavern & Inn [Which I unfortunately have no name for.. “bad DM, bad!”]

After partying a little, the characters retreat to their rooms for the night. Just as they are getting settled, deafening booms and flashes of light very unlike the natural thunder and lightning startle some of the PC’s who took rooms on one side of the Inn. They rush to their windows to witness in the distance, in the direction where the kobald-infested temple was in fact, it seems like a small volcano erupts. Out of the crater flies the giant black creature covered in eyes, followed by small balls of light. They party surmises its the old man and his friends battling whatever it was that hatched from the stone egg. The fight rages on for a few moments, and just as the creature appears to be losing, it escapes into the storm with the “planeteers” in hot pursuit. All fade into the distance and all that’s left is the storm.

Bartleby wastes no time and sends Jobert to gather the other characters down in the tavern for some kind of meeting.

They all eventually meet in the tavern and some argue about why they can’t go back to sleep. Bartleby demands they need to do something. It is now that some reveal strange marks on various parts of their bodies which appeared just after their encounter with the old man’s friends. What the marks mean, and who (and who doesn’t) have them will have to wait for the next session, since we ran out of time and I ran out of ideas.

======== DM’s Notes ========

With the chaos of the holidays, I was unable to plan much for this game, and once again ran from a rough outline. The party has advanced about as far as I’ve planned in any usable detail. They seem to enjoy themselves, so I can’t be doing that bad.

I had lost some notes I made about Pemy and Cassiano, so I had to make up their names on the spot as I couldn’t remember what I planned to use. No big deal. I actually like these name’s anyways.

The old man and his friends got lots of laughs and people pointing out the obvious Captain Planet references. I know one of the golden rules of DMing is not to upstage the player characters with your own NPC’s, so I tried to rush through the scene, basically introducing these powerful beings and immediately rush the PC’s out the door.

I built the suspense as much as I could about what was in the stone egg. The players knew something really big and really powerful was inside, and I wanted them to get the idea that they would probably have to run away from it. Still, I think the player’s were reluctant in utilizing their Daily powers for fear that they would have to fight whatever it was in the end. I guess that’s reasonable and I won’t make them go through that again for awhile.

So far the game is fairly light. I’ve presented a few things for the party to investigate, a couple recurrent NPC’s, and hopefully a solid reason for them to stick together, because not all of them see why they should.



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