Tag: Planes


  • World

    The Material Plane, the World, Earth, etc. Home of [[Onyx]] and the mortal races. It is the cooperative creation of the [[Gods]] and [[Primordials]]. Above it lies the [[Astral Sea]], below it the [[Elemental Chaos]]. Alongside are the [[Shadowfell …

  • Feywild

    The bright and mystical world, origin of the Fey creatures. Legend says when the Gods and Primordials shaped the [[World]], they saw it to be too bright, and chipped away the bright features until they were satisfied. Everything they chipped away …

  • Far Realms

    An alien region beyond the [[planes]] that surround the [[World]]. Some believe the strangest creatures of the world such as the Abeloth come from somewhere in the Far Realms.