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  • Session 5: First Game of the Year

    We left our adventurers at Tavvy's Bar and Inn. After a brief late night meeting, they decided to leave things till morning. The next day they get to work. The group has discovered that most of them have a strange scar on one of their palms. A couple …

  • Stoneguard

    [[Onyx]]'s sprawling capitol city is many miles wide and is home to over 50,000 residents representing all the common civilized races and some that are not civilized. At its center stands the magnificent [[Castle of Stoneguard]], one of the largest …

  • King Arthastis

    The reigning king of [[Onyx]]. Married to [[Queen Jaseena]]. *Children* [[Princess Jaselle]] - 18 year old snobby brat, but she's quite knowledgeable of court and regional affairs. One of her favorite hobbies is archery.