Bartleby Biggens is an old male Dwarven Wizard.

He was raised overseas in a country called Terramast (spelling?) by noble human parents. It hasn’t been revealed why he has travelled to Onyx.

He has a dopey yet brutally strong human manservent named Jobert, whom he scolds and works to the bone constantly. Jobert obsessively follows his master’s commands to the letter, no matter how dangerous. Jobert constantly smells except when close to Bartleby, who continually casts a “cleaning” prestidigitation upon Jobert to make him more tolerant to the nose.

In the Kobald den, Bartleby encountered the mysterious old man who casually surprises Bartleby with the news that his adoptive human father – Baergran Biggens was killed by a red dragon back in Terramast.

More information to follow…


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