Onyx’s sprawling capitol city is many miles wide and is home to over 50,000 residents representing all the common civilized races and some that are not civilized. At its center stands the magnificent Castle of Stoneguard, one of the largest castles in the world, home of King Arthastis, housing the entire immediate and extended royal family, hundreds of servents and laborers, the Knights of Stoneguard, and the Council and their immediate families.

The Origins of Stoneguard

The castle itself has existed for many thousands of years, and has been ruled by many different nations. At some points in its history, the castle and its surroundings were unclaimed for years at a time, left to fester under the whims of passerby’s and evil creatures, some of which are said to still lurk in the shadows and sewers. The current nobility took root just 300 years ago, evicting the Hobgoblins who had stationed there during the War of Nerath. No one knows or has records of the castle’s builders, but given the style and markings most believe an ancient Human empire is its maker.

The surrounding city is as old as the castle itself, the current set of buildings having been built on the ruins of the preceding city, which of course were built upon the ruins of its own predecessors, etc.


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